The Definitive Guide to car accident attorney Buena Park CA

They turned their telescopes towards other nearby galaxies → Ils dirigèrent leurs télescopes vers d'autres galaxies proches.

4. a person's likelihood or obligation (to carry out, have etcetera a little something shared by many men and women). It really is your change to pick a file; You'll need to wait your transform in the bathroom. beurt دَوْر ред vez řada die Reihe tur σειράturno kord نوبت vuoro tourתור pink, redosljed (következés:) rajtad a sor giliran tækifæri, skipti turno 順番 차례 eilė kārta; rinda giliran beurttur, omgangkolej نوبت vez rând очередь rad, poradie (biti) na vrsti za red tur หน้าที่ sıra, yapma sırası (依次輪流的)順次,輪到 черга باري lượt (依次轮流的)顺次,轮到

vt sep she turned in her toes as she walked → sie lief nach innen, sie lief über den großen Onkel (inf); to turn while in the finishes of a little something → die Enden von etw umschlagen

5. to go spherical. They turned the corner. om gaan يَلْتَفُّ حَوْل завивам dar a volta obejít biegen um dreje omkring στρίβωdoblar ümber (millegi) minema دور زدن kääntyä tourner לְהִסתוֹבֵב इधर उधर देखना zaobići, obići bekanyarodik memutari fara/beygja fyrir girare 曲がる 돌다 pasukti už apiet membelok omgaangå rundtobjechać, obejść دور وهل dar a volta a se întoarce поворачивать zahnúť zaviti okoli skrenuti svänga runt, vika om, runda หัน köşeyi dönmek 繞過 обходити навкруги گفتگو کرنا đi dạo 绕过

the princess was a toad → la princesa se renovateó en sapo, la princesa quedó transformada en sapo

= become → werden; to show traitor → zum Verräter werden; Paul Crooks, an actor turned director, … → der Regisseur Paul Crooks, ein ehemaliger Schauspieler, …; he started to change awkward → er wurde unangenehm or ungemütlich; to show awful/violent → unangenehm/gewalttätig werden; to show purple (leaves etc) → sich rot färben; (human being: = blush) → rot werden; (site visitors lights) → auf Rot umspringen; it has not long ago turned cold → es ist vor Kurzem kalt geworden; he has just turned 18 → er ist gerade 18 geworden; it's got turned 2 o’clock → es ist 2 Uhr vorbei

CCP 1013: “…The company is finish at the time of your deposit, but any duration of detect and any appropriate or duty to do any act or make any response inside any period of time or on the day specific once click to find out more the assistance of your document, which time period or date is prescribed by statute or rule of court docket, shall be extended five calendar times, on assistance by mail, if the place of handle as well as put of mailing is within the Point out of California, ten calendar times if both the put of mailing or perhaps the position of deal with is outdoors the Point out of California but in just America, and 20 calendar days if possibly the place of mailing or maybe the spot of address is outdoors America.”

change - go sour or spoil; "The milk has soured"; "The wine worked"; "The cream has turned--we need to toss it out"

8. To change one particular's steps or attitudes adversely; grow to be hostile or antagonistic: The peasants turned against the cruel king.

currently in her initially film she turned a handful of heads → ya en su primera película la gente se fijó en ella

change - have recourse to or make an attraction or request for assistance or details to; "She named on her Representative to help her"; "She turned to her family for assistance"

permute, transpose, commute - change the get or arrangement of; "Dyslexics typically transpose letters in a word"

(= get chaotic) soon after a brief relaxation, they turned to their work all over again → nach einer kurzen Pause machten sie sich wieder an die Arbeit

to show the clock back we can't change the clock back again → no podemos dar marcha atrás or volver al pasado

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